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Sean D. • Posted on 11/26/2021 • General

Please pray for my mother as she in the hospital waiting to have a pacemaker. She is in St. Anthony's Hospital in St. Petersburg, FL

Allen M. • Posted on 11/21/2021 • Crisis

Brothers All; A dear friend of mine has single parent Daughter Jessica. Jessica is an RN trying to raise her three daughters. Due to physical, mental issues she is unable to use the skills she has. Jessica is struggling thru her personal hardship and issues every day. She has a love of Jesus in her heart as Does her Mother! Please put Jessica on your prayer list and pray that Jesus will send her love and help.


Peter T. • Posted on 11/6/2021 • General

Dear Sweet Jesus, Mary and Joseph, please look down with favor and mercy on Theresa Arcara and her loving family as she continues to battle the spread of stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. Let her find comfort and peace in your family's merciful arms and alleviate her suffering. Your will be done, Amen.

Jorge I. • Posted on 10/26/2021 • General

Please keep our State Ceremonials Director, Brother Ronald R. Brown in your prayers for good health and speedy recovery.
Blessed McGivney Pray for us.

Edward S. • Posted on 11/8/2021 • General

Sir Knight John Shevenell passed away on 11/11/2021. Funeral arrangements are pending. Update: SK John is in critical condition. If there is no improvement the next step is him being put on a ventilator. Please pray for Marshall SK John Shevenell. He has been battling lymphoma and now is in the Hospital with Covid and Bronchial Pneumonia.

Frank S. • Posted on 10/11/2021 • Death

Please Pray for the respose of the soul of Bro. George Modrak of Deltona Council 6584 who passed away recently

Edward S. • Posted on 10/6/2021 • General

Please keep Casey DeSantis, wife our Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in your prayers as she starts in journey with Breast Cancer. May the healing hands of our Lord surround her.

Edward S. • Posted on 10/5/2021 • General

Please keep PSD John Hemel in prayer as he battles Cancer of the foot. He is at home and at this time does not require surgery.

James J. • Posted on 10/4/2021 • Death

Ulric Ramdin,
May you escort your mother into heaven.

Edward S. • Posted on 10/1/2021 • General

Please keep the wife of Brother Dan Smedile, Rosemarie, in your prayers for good health and speedy recovery from major surgery.
Blessed McGivney pray for us.