Inviting Parishioners to Join

Before you consider HOW to recruit, you must address the question WHO to recruit. You already know many eligible Catholic men and know their families would enjoy participating in Council Activities. Identifying them is easier than you think.

Here are a few tips to help you identify future leaders for your Council:

  • Ask the Pastors and Church Office personnel for a list of families that will be interested on learning more about the benefits of being a Knights of Columbus.
  • Add all local Priests and Deacons who are not Knights to the prospect list.
  • Consider ushers, parish council members, choir members, lectors, men's club, etc., as prospects.
  • Welcome all new parishioners by inviting them to learn about the benefits of being a Knights of Columbus.
  • Recruit all 18-year-old Squires, and high school graduates and future college students.
  • Consider all vendors who serve council as potential members.
  • Add fathers, sons, nephews, cousins, brothers-in-law, fathers-in-law, grandfathers, grandsons the prospect list.
  • Order free copies of the Prospect Referral Card (#921) ( from Supplies Online. Distribute copies of the card to all members at the council meeting or in the newsletter.
  • Ask that completed cards with names of friends/acquaintances be returned to the Council's membership director.
  • Advertise regularly in church bulletins, local newspapers and social media inviting Parishioners to participate in Council Activities.
  • Contact former members.
  • Use your imagination. Potential new members are all around you!


Once you have your Prospect List, it's important to reach out to them and invite them to join.

  • Send a personal invitation (by mail or email) each prospect and his family, personally signed by the grand knight.
  • Contact each prospect within one week of the mailing to arrange a home visit by the membership committee or your recruitment team.
  • ASK THE PROSPECT TO JOIN. Assist him in completing his Membership Document (#100).
  • Inform him about the 12-Month Free Online Membership Promotion by registering at
  • Ensure a prompt initiation. Inform the candidate of dates for the Admission Committee interview and the next Exemplification of Charity, Unity and Fraternity.


Complete proposer duties:

  • Accompany your prospect to the Admission Committee interview, Exemplification, council meetings.
  • Make yourself available to be his mentor and assist him with any concerns.
  • Introduce the prospect and family to council members.
  • See that the prospect is assigned to committees/programs of interest.


And most importantly have fun. We are all blessed by receiving the love of our Lord. We are proud that our Founder Blessed Michael McGivney will be soon the First American born Priest to become be elevated to Sainthood. We are Proud to be Catholic, to be American and to be a Knight of Columbus.