Virtual Exemplifications happen 7pm EST on Zoom Thursday evenings.

Florida Virtual Exemplar Team Captains:

St Augustine Team - Dan McIntyre

Alafia Team - Richard Hughes

North Central Florida CFU Team - John O'Toole & Bob Read

South Beach Team - Scott O'Connor

Sacred Heart Seven Team  - Ed Sleyzak

Our Lady of Guadalupe Team  -  Lorenzo Rodriguez


Exemplification On Charity, Unity and Fraternity Evaluation Form

Instruction Sheet

The following information should assist the Evaluator in properly completing the Evaluation Form for Exemplar Teams who are delivering the Exemplification on Charity, Unity and Fraternity.

  • Name of District Deputy
  • Location Circle the correct venue. If being conducted virtually, circle Other.
  • Date Ceremonial was conducted.
  • Number of Candidates attending and completing the Exemplification
  • Number of Priests (excluding the Chaplain)
  • Number of Brother Knights attending whether virtually or in person.
  • Name of Ceremonial (Degree) Team
  • Overall Comments. This section should be completed last and offer criticisms and/or positives that were observed by the Evaluator.
  • Each Exemplar should be scored separately based on a scale of 0 to 10 on all four categories; Memorization, Oratorial Skills, Presentation Presence and Effectiveness.
  • Comments by the Evaluator should accompany each Exemplar's grade with positive and constructive advice regarding all aspects of the Exemplar's presentation.
  • All Exemplars, including the Chaplain, should be identified by Last Name, MI and First Name.
  • Overall Team score (numerical)
  • Form Completed by (name of Evaluator)
  • Scores may range from 0 to 10; however, the Evaluator may choose to use a numerical score such as 7.5 or 8.2 or 9.7. etc.
  • The total Team Score is derived using the following calculations. Each Exemplar should receive a numerical score for the four categories listed above. The individual scores should be added and divided by 4, representing the four categories. To achieve the Final Score, all scores of the 5 Exemplars should be added and divided by 5.

It is extremely important that the Evaluator be honest in his evaluation of each of the Team Members and the entire Team as a whole. If the Team delivered an exemplary presentation, this should be noted and comments should reflect why the presentation was rated high. Should the presentation not be satisfactory or below expectations, this should be noted as well along with suggestions for improvement.