Star Tracker Reports



Worthy Knights of Columbus Leader, Regional Administrators and District Deputies, please review the Star Tracker Reports with your Councils.

As you can see, we have a way to go. We are confident you can get there.

What I’m asking is for each of you to spend a few extra minutes every day calling the men in your area to encourage them. 

  • For those Councils at 100%, 200%, 300%, “Thank You”, I know you are the best and you are the most likely to do even more. Don’t give up now. Can you make 6 Star, 7 Star, or higher?
  • For those approaching 100%, let’s bring it across the finish line in May and add the frosting and gingerbread in June. 
  • Over 50%, you can still get over 100%, but the process begins now! 
  • Under 50%, you are still needed. There is plenty of time to try a new approach. Every member you add is a big help to our overall effort.

Please look at all the red cells. We have a ton of Councils who are in danger of missing out on Star Council, Columbian, or McGivney awards because of missing reports, Fraternal Benefit Nights, or Safe Environment compliance. Let’s all work to help get ALL Councils right side up. We don’t want them missing out on Supreme awards due to technicalities.

Put on your ‘positive’ hat. Give that little extra. Help build Holy Mother Church. Help men improve as fathers, husbands, and men of faith. Invite a man to join today.

Let’s all work together to meet the goal and return Florida to the Circle of Honor.