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The goal of the membership team and of councils is to increase membership in our order. Many ask why growth in the order is so critical and why such emphasis is placed on increasing membership. The answer is simple. Without growth, our programs fail to have new ideas and become stagnant. The various charitable, church, council, and youth programs are what the Knights of Columbus are known for and those programs require new members.

In the State of Florida, and across the country, our order continues to grow. But we need to extend the benefits of membership to all Catholic Men. The insurance benefits alone are a reason that Knights of Columbus exist. But more to the point imagine if even half of the men in your local parish were Knights, think of the good charitable works that can be accomplished!

Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson said "President John F. Kennedy once said about Americans that 'we are builders, and we build best when we build greatly.' I believe the same can be said of Knights of Columbus. My brother Knights, the Order has built greatly in the past; now it's our turn!" 

Today, the Order has grown to over 1.9 Million members, more than 55,000 here in the state of Florida. Our resources are utilized to support countless causes, programs, and parishes all over the world and most importantly in our local communities. And through continued growth, we not only preserve the goal of our founder, Father McGivney, we seize the opportunity to help parishes themselves prosper through the five key areas of service - faith, community, family, youth, and fellowship. Because of his vision and the hard-work of dedicated Knights, today the Knights of Columbus is a well-respected service organization of more than 300 local councils in the state of Florida. Councils that help their community and their parishes, flourish.

Danny R. Mc Intyre
State Membership Director