State Haitian Coordinator

Knights of Columbus/Chvalye nan Colomb

The State Haitian Coordinator is tasked in helping District Deputies in forming Haitian Councils and Grand Knights in forming Haitian Parish Roundtables throughout the Florida State Jurisdiction. The Haitian Coordination Team are here to assist in membership recruitment of Haitian Catholic men and their families. The Haitian Coordination Team wants to ensure that the Knights of Columbus are protecting families in the Haitian Catholic community and giving Haitian Catholic men the opportunity to live out the Knights of Columbus principles and values. We do not want language and culture to be a barrier in recruiting Haitian Catholic men.

Jean L. Telfort
State Haitian Development Coordinator

The Haitian Coordination Team will also assist in training Haitian council officers and directors to ensure they are prepare and well equip to do what is necessary to have a successful council or parish roundtable. And, a Haitian 1st and 2nd Degree Team will be made available for Haitian prospects to fully enjoy the lessons of the exemplification.

The State Haitian Coordinator will need all District Deputies to let the coordinator know by email of all Catholic parishes that are Haitian Parishes or serving Haitian Communities within your district to better assist us in recruiting Haitian Catholic men (Please provide Name of Parish, Name of the Pastor, Address, Phone #, and the Council that is serving that Parish).