Division Management

Division Management refers to the collection of administrative functions for Councils, Assemblies, Districts, Regions, and the State Council. Currently, these functions include:

  • Council and Assembly Membership Roster Uploads
  • Council and Assembly Newsletter Uploads
  • Submission of Calendar Events
  • Officer Position Updates
  • State Per Capita Invoices (for Councils only)
  • Council and Assembly Addresses and Meeting Information
  • Articles for the Website
  • Reporting of Election of Delegates for the State Convention (for Councils only)


Access to Division Management is through the Division Management button on a member's Dashboard after logging in to the website. If you are already logged in, you can access the initial screen for Division Management here. The Council GK, FS, and DGK can access Division Management for their Councils. District Deputies and Regional Administrators may also access a Council's Division Management, but they may have to search for the Council on the initial Division Management screen. Districts and Regions also have Division Management sections completely separate from Councils.

Instructions for Council and Assembly Division Management

Instructions for District Division Management

Video Tutorial