Web Team

Any organization the size of the Florida State Council, with its 50,000 plus members, needs effective and timely communication. To do this we in the Communications group are tasked with providing you with various channels of which we hope that you will take full advantage.

The first of these is this Web Site. The second is the Invocation, which is a monthly newsletter available to all Brother Knights. The third is the Weekly News which is a weekly email to all the Brother Knights in the Florida State Council.


The website of the Florida State Council is the public face to the world for the activities of the Florida State Council. It is our goal to connect Brother Knights with information they seek, to the Officers of our Jurisdiction, the fraternal activities taking place throughout the state and the greater Church Community. We welcome your feedback, inquiries and requests and will strive to meet them with diligence, professionalism and the brotherhood that our Order requests of each of us.

Edward F. Sleyzak
State Website Administrator
Richard J. Gallant
State Webmaster