Round Table

The primary purpose of the Parish Round Table is insure all Catholic parishes and all ethnic groups within our parishes are being served by our fraternal order.

How do you start a Parish Round Table?

The Grand Knight should check the local area for a Catholic Church that is without a Knights of Columbus Council.

Approach your District Deputy about your desire to form a Parish Round Table at that Parish. It is important you discuss this with your District Deputy so to make sure there is not a Round Table already set up, or if the District Deputy is in the process of starting a council at the parish.

Steven B. Sadowski
State Round Table Chairman

If the District Deputy is sure a Council cannot be established and gives you the OK, set up a meeting with the Pastor along with your Church Director.

Let the Pastor know that you are aware a council cannot be formed and explain to him the concept of around table where members from his church would work in his behalf by establishing the Parish Round Table without actively forming a council.

Additionally, a Parish Round Table may also be set up within your existing Council if your Parish has a large ethnic community. For example if you have a large Spanish community and you are an English speaking council (or vice versa) you should start a. Parish Round Table for that ethnic group so that they can work on their own community. These groups would work together and apart to set up events and meetings to encourage activities and recruitment.

You have the approval now, how do I begin?

Check you council roster to see if any of your members belong to the Church where the Round Table will be formed. All Knights of Columbus members of that Parish are automatically members of the Parish Round Table.

For ethnic Round Tables, talk to your members and obtain their support in starting your Round Table within that ethnic group.

Schedule a membership Blitz at the parish to recruit new members. Every new candidate becomes a member of the home council and is assigned to the Parish Round Table. All dues are paid to the home council.

After the Blitz the Grand Knight and Church director pick a Parish Round Table Coordinator.

Grand Knight completes form 2629 formally assigning that Parish or ethnic group to the Council

What will be the responsibility of the Parish Round Table?

The responsibility is to create a Knights of Columbus presence between the Council and the Parish (es) assigned to the council.

As pointed out all council members that belong to the Parish are members of the Round Table. The ethnic Round Tables include all members of that ethnic group. The Parish Round Table Coordinator should utilize these members by establishing programs within the Parish community.

Hold blood drives, support the parish youth with our Soccer, Basketball, and Spelling Bee programs. These also great opportunities to start-a Squires Circle, institute the Alter Server recognition program, and perform other parish activities.

Work with the Assembly to bring at least 4 Corp Communions to the Parish each year (one per quarter).

Find out what the Pastor expects from the Knights and how we can help the parish community by supporting Catholic Faith Issues like Pro-Life. If the Church has a parish hall hold a fundraiser in support of one of the Parish Ministries. Build on the membership until you have enough members to present to the Pastor in an effort to create a New Council.

It has been proven that Men are more apt to join the Knights if they can work for their own parish. A round table reaches out to these men by allowing them to be a member of the Knights and support their own local parish even though they do not have a council.