Fourth Degree Exemplification - Florida District

  1. General Information:
    1. The Exemplification for the Florida District, Fourth Degree will be held on Saturday, November 28, 2020, at   Saint Theresa Catholic Church, 1107 Commercial Way, Spring Hill, FL 34606 Candidates’ registration begins at 9:00 AM with the Exemplification beginning at 11:00 AM.
    2. Candidates’ Dress Code for the Exemplification is to be: Dark Blue, Dark Gray or Black Business Suit (No Brown Suits, no Sport Coat or Blazers), white shirt with a dark necktie and dress shoes. Dress code for Sir Knights attending may be New 4th Degree Uniform, Tuxedo, and Baldric or Dark Business suit as described in Candidates’ Dress Code.
    3. Members of the Armed Forces, Police and Fire Departments may wear their Full  Dress Uniform.
    4. Dress for the Banquet will be: New Uniform, Tuxedo and Baldric or Dark Business Suit, and for the Ladies, a suitable dress for the occasion.
    5. No Ladies’ Tea or Banquet tickets will be sold at the exemplification. All meal reservations MUST be made prior to arrival.
  2. Recruitment:
    1. Faithful Navigators and Sir Knights are encouraged to visit local Councils and inform potential Candidates about the Fourth Degree. Solicit the assistance of DD’s, Area Section Leaders and other Sir Knights in our recruitment efforts.
    2. All Candidates Form 4’s and Candidates’, Sir Knights, Spouse, and Guest order form MUST be submitted to the Master no later than November 14, 2020
  3. Hotel Accommodation: There is no designated Hotel for this Exemplification; there are a number of good hotels available in the area and those needing a hotel are advised to locate their own.
  4. Candidates Application (Form 4):
    1. All Form 4’s are to be filled out as instructed in the attached sample: Typed or Printed
    2. Do Not write-in section 8 of Form 4 (That section is to be completed by the Master)
    3. Candidate fee is $70, which includes Supreme Council Initiation Fee, One Banquet Ticket, and Official (PG 113) 4th Degree Lapel Pin
    4. Religious (Priest) fee is $45 which includes the above.
      1. If any attending priest, whether Candidate or Guest, would like to concelebrate Mass, please ask him to bring his Alb and Stole.
  5. Banquet & Ladies’ Tea:
    1. Banquet fee for all Sir Knights, Wives, and guest is $45.00 ea.
      1. The candidate’s banquet ticket is included in his application fee. Candidate and Sir Knight's wives and guests are most welcome and encouraged to attend the Banquet.
    2. Ladies Tea tickets are $10.00 per person.
      1. The candidate fee does not include the cost of any Ladies’ Luncheon tickets.
    3. All orders for tickets must accompany a complete attached form for ordering tickets. All payments must be paid by Assembly check and made payable toJohn J O’Toole, Masterand mailed to 9686 SW 92 Place Road, Ocala, Fl 34481.
  6. Tentative Agenda:  (May be subject to change!)

Saturday, November 28, 2020

10:00AM -11:30AM   Candidate, Sir Knights and Guest Registration 

11:45AM                     Candidate formation and procession 

12:00PM                     Exemplification Begins 

12:15PM                     Ladies Tea at the hotel 

2:00PM - 3:45 PM      Box Lunch in the antechamber 

4:00PM                      Vigil Mass at St. Theresa Church 



8. Reminder: The following information and forms must be sent to the Master:

  1. Candidates Form 4’s (intact, ALL FOUR COPIES)
  2. Banquet & Ladies Tea Order Form with payment
  3. A signed copy of the Candidate Dress Code
  4. Candidate Certificates (for Master signature)

The deadline for submitting all exemplification information is Thursday, November 14, 2020

For More Information:!AglFS_X6JpuHgeJwQ3lJPNj0Nfnmkg?e=gxpuca

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Sat, Nov 28

Fourth Degree Exemplification - Florida District

by Florida Knights of Columbus

Date and Time

Saturday, November 28

From 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM

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Saint Theresa Catholic Church
1107 Commercial Way

Spring Hill, FL 34606

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John J O'Toole