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Please review the Available Volunteer State Jobs

Website Manager

Florida Knights of Columbus

Duties include:

  • Full operation of the Florida State Council website control panel
    • Maintain Website Directory integrity
    • Maintain Website access permissions by role
  • Full operation of the Florida K of C Charities, Inc. website control panel
  • Populate and maintain website content in the Content Manager
    • Maintain the 200+ website pages as current to the day
    • Add/Delete pages as needed
  • Manipulate and Populate
    • website menus
    • Snippets & Elements
  • Oversee and Operate State Events Calendar and State Articles
  • Oversee and Operate Media Manager
    • Online Forms
    • Gallery
      • Pictures and Videos
    • User uploads
  • Oversee and Operate Member Profiles
  • Oversee and Operate council Roster and Officer uploads
  • Oversee and Operate website Blog
  • Oversee and Operate website Ministry Manager
  • Populate cover page with Knights in Action photos linked to
  • Oversee e-Commerce Manager
  • Act as help desk to assist Brother Knights with their website issues
  • Assist with website access and permissions
  • Oversee E-Mail Manager aliases and mailing lists
    • Oversee website direct email communications

Qualifications include:

  • Knowledge of website control panel operations
  • Knowledge of menu and submenu website organization
  • Knowledge of how to construct a web page and sub pages
  • Solid organizational skills
  • Good command of the written word (English) and proper grammar
  • Basic graphic design understanding and execution
  • Online marketing and SEO skills
  • Good collaboration skills
  • Reliable and detail-oriented
  • Bilingual is a plus but not necessary

For more information contact Ed Sleyzak, State Marketing Director, 813-416-4317 and Rick Hughes, State Secretary, 813-545-8046 

State Advertising Chairman

Florida Knights of Columbus

The Florida State Council Marketing Committee is looking for a State Advertising Chairman to primarily help selling advertising and sponsorships for this fraternal year. 

The Advertising Chairman is responsible for organizing, planning and soliciting advertising and sponsorships from Brother Knights and other businesses that share KofC values.

He would establish a team across the Florida jurisdiction to help solicit ads for the Convention Book and other State Events.

In addition, the Chairman would work with the Marketing Team for the production of advertising and sponsorship material including working with the state designated printing vendor and internal multi-media team.

A sponsor or advertiser can be a Brother Knight, Brother Knight business owner, commercial business with an affinity to our principles, non-profit corporations that do similar work, service providers in other fields of endeavor aligned with KofC.

Sponsor vetting process is done by the Marketing Committee along with the State Advocate.

The Chairman is also responsible for collecting and depositing ad payments to the state bank account along with the necessary reporting paperwork.

Contact Ed Sleyzak, State Marketing Director 813-416-4317