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Tradition of Thanksgiving and Christmas Continues

Couincil 10055 continues tradition for the holidays

It has been a tradition of Council 10055, San Marcelino Champagnat since its founding, to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas with members of two missions in the center of town. Food contributions, money, and toys were usually collected and two activities for each of the holidays were prepared. The council held two celebrations in each mission. The activites included the Squires from Christopher Columbus High School and council members and their families in packing the products, getting gift cards, wrapping toys. Each activity focused on a paraliturgy with prayer, emphasis on the center of each  holiday, appropriate songs and the distribution.

As with everything today, the process changed. In order to have contact free distribution,  the council opted to get only gift cards and distribute them according to family size and number and ages of children. The celebrations were moved from the missions to larger areas where social distancing could be observed and all precautions taken.

Thankfully, the tradition of the council continued and we were able to distribute over $10,000 worth of gift cards, all from fundraising, and were able to distribute them to the needy families in attendance and took them to the homebound who could not come.

At a time when we thought the tradition would be interrupted, the holy spirit and the veneration of Blessed Father McGivney, accompanied the council through this process.