2021 Org Meeting Agenda

Friday July 16, 2021 - Organizational Meeting 

Start                 End time     

1:00 PM                              Opening Session Begins: Opening Prayer            Main Ballroom                          

1:00 PM              1:15 PM    Welcome/Full Session                                         State Deputy       Robert Urrutia

1:15 PM              2:50 PM    BREAK OUT SESSIONS                                                                                    

"                         "               Membership Team / Regional Administrators        Membership Team   Jorge Ibacache

"                         "               Marketing Team                                                      Director               Ed Sleyzak

"                         "               Chaplains Meeting                                                 Chaplains Suite St. Chaplain        Rev. Robert Kantor

"                         "               Charities Team                                                        Director               Richard Dahn

"                         "               Disaster Relief Team                                               Chairman             TBD

"                         "               Ceremonials Team                                                  Ceremonials Dir.  Ron Brown

1:15 PM              1:45 PM    Insurance Promotion - Partnering for success     Main Ballroom  Insurance Team    Brian Lawandus

1:45 PM              2:45 PM    PROGRAMS (all DD's are present)                    "                      General Programs   Kris Elliott

2:45 PM              3:45 PM    CHARITIES (All DD's are present)                                             K of C Charities   Richard Dahn

3:45 PM              4:00 PM    Break                                                                 Lobby              Hotel                   Staff

4:00 PM              6:00 PM    Membership - Goals and Objectives by Region / District            Main Ballroom     Membership Team                  Jorge Ibacache

6:00 PM                              Dinner (on your own)                                                                                           

7:00 PM                              EVENING SESSIONS:                                                                                        

7:00 PM              9:00 PM    Ladies Social Event - Guest Speaker                    TBA                 Wife of State Deputy                          Lucy Urrutia

7:00 PM              8:00 PM    The Supreme Plan for Membership Growth         Main Ballroom  Supreme Gr. Director                          Jose Jimenez

8:00 PM              8:30 PM    DD Training                                                          Main Ballroom  Supreme Gr. Director                          Jose Jimenez

8:50 PM              9:00 PM    State Deputy take aways wrapup                        Main Ballroom  State Deputy       Robert Urrutia

9:00 PM              11:00 PM   Hospitality Suite Open                                                               State Warden       Joseph Coicou


Saturday July 17, 2021 (DD's and Grand Knights)

7:45 AM            8:30 AM            Mass    TBA                                          State Chaplain   Very Rev. Robert Kantor

8:30 AM            9:00 AM            Men's Continental Breakfast                   Ballroom Lobby            Hotel staff       

9:00 AM                                    Ladies Breakfast           Wife of State Deputy     Lucy Urrutia

9:00 AM                                    General Session Convene (All)                          

"           "                                   Opening Prayer             St. Chaplain      Very Rev. Robert Kantor

"           "                                   Pledge of Allegiance                 St. Warden        Joseph Coicou

"           "                                   Opening Ode                St. Membership Dir       Jorge Ibacache

"           "                                   Roll Call                        St. Secretary     Richard Hughes

9:15 AM            9:30 AM            State Deputy Welcome and Opening Remarks                State Deputy     Robert Urrutia

9:30 AM            10:00 AM          Review of District Deputy Action Plans              Membership Team         Regional Administrators

10:00 AM          10:15 AM          Supreme Directors Remarks                              Supreme Master            Dennis Stoddard

10:15 AM          10:45 AM          Membership Program - Reach the Stars              Membership Team         Jorge Ibacache

10:45 AM          11:00 AM          How DD's Can Help Set the Tone on Council Exp.                      Supreme Rep    Ralph / Darryl

11:00 AM          12:00 Noon       Membership Best Practices - session with GK's              "           TBA

12:00 Noon       12:15 PM          Membership Retention- New Program Affilate Member                "           Robert Urrutia

12:15 PM          12:30 PM          Membership round-tables & every council active             "           Ron Ciampi

12:30 PM          1:30 PM            Lunch - On your own - Box                                

1:30 PM                                    General Session Resumes                                

1:30 PM            1:40 PM            Membership through Vocations support             Vocations Dir.   Mark Lynn

1:40 PM            1:50 PM            Diocesan Chaplains message and report            St. Chaplain     Very Rev Robert Kantor

1:50 PM            1:55 PM            Announcements                                                State Secretary Richard Hughes

1:55 PM            2:05 PM            New Council Development                                 NCD Director    Tony F.

2:05 PM            2:10 PM            Council Reactivation                                          Chairman          Joseph Rzepka

2:10 PM            2:15 PM            Shining Armor Award                                         Membership Team         Jorge Ibacache

2:15 PM            2:30 PM            Multi Culture -                                                    Multi-Cultural     Kellmis Fernandez

2:30 PM            3:00 PM            How DD's Can Help Councils put their faith in action       Voctaions Chairmen      Mark Lynn

3:00 PM            3:15 PM            BREAK             Hotel Staff       

3:15 PM            3:25 PM            Membership - Building the Domestic Church       Programs          Kris Elliott

3:25 PM            3:30 PM            Engaging your Parish - Council/Parish Involvement Membership              Dcn. Paul Koppie, PSD

3:30 PM            4:00 PM            State Officer Reports - Membership                   State Officers   St. Secretary

4:00 PM            4:20 PM            Past State Deputies Reports                              Past St. Deputies          TBA

4:20 PM            4:40 PM            Master Remarks                                                4th Degree        John O'Toole

4:40 PM            4:50 PM            Closing statements - St. Deputy                      State Deputy     Robert Urrutia

4:50 PM            5:00 PM            Chaplains Remarks & Benediction -                State Chaplain   Rev Robert Kantor

5:00 PM                                    Close of business session                                 State Deputy     Robert Urrutia

5:30 PM            6:45 PM            Vigil Mass (Jewel of office to new DD's)           St. Chaplain      Very Rev Robert Kantor

                                                Installation of District Deputies                          State Deputy     Robert Urrutia


7:00 PM            9:00 PM            Immediate Past State Deputy Roast - Ticket only Event     State Deputy     Robert Urrutia