The Florida State Council has assembled all the communication areas under one marketing team that includes: Public Relations, Broadcast Media Relations, Diocese and Community Relations, Communications, Social Media, State Newsletter, Merchandise, Photography, Website, Training and AV operations.

The Marketing Team provides communications resources for the State Council and Knights statewide, connecting at state-wide meetings, regional and local training sessions through online and 'face-to-face' communications.

They establish a Florida State Council public presence with a consistent message of Faith, Life, Family and Community activities across all media platforms. This helps fulfill Blessed Michael J. McGivney's vision that every parish have council and every man a Knight.

George A. Hayek
State Marketing-Brands Director
Joseph W. Purka, JR
State Public Relations Director
James W. Clark, III
Broadcast Media Relations and Production Director
Deacon Paul M. Koppie
State Diocese and Community Relations Director
Edward F. Sleyzak
State Communication Chairman and State Newsletter Publisher
Scott C. Huetteman
Invocation Editor
Marc R. Andersen
State Merchandising Chairman
Alfonso Contreras
State Social Media Chairman
Harry Rother
State Photographer
Charles F. Belinski
State Audio/Video Coordinator and Trainer