The Marketing Director, with his team, establish the public message for the Florida State Council and insure that the message is delivered consistently across all groups within the state. The Regional Public Relations Coordinators are tasked with assisting the Public Relations Director and his team to increase the membership of the order in the Florida Jurisdiction. They are there locally to assist the District Deputies and Grand Knights with their Membership Drives, assist in creating new councils and Round Tables and to help realize Venerable Father Michael J. McGivney's vision of every parish a council and every man a Knight.

George A. Hayek
State Marketing-Brands Director
Joseph W. Purka, JR
State Public Relations Director
James W. Clark, III
Broadcast Media Relations and Production Director
Deacon Paul M. Koppie
State Diocese and Community Relations Director
Edward F. Sleyzak
State Communication Chairman and State Newsletter Publisher
Scott C. Huetteman
Invocation Editor
Marc R. Andersen
State Merchandising Chairman
Alfonso Contreras
State Social Media Chairman
Harry Rother
State Photographer
Charles F. Belinski
State Audio/Video Coordinator and Trainer