Convention Registration

Convention Registration Instructions:

  • After member login, from your Options Dashboard, click on the blue Convention Registration button
  • 'Verify Your Information' page
    • Be sure to verify your proper Organizational Role for the Convention. Many have multiple roles with in the Florida State Council--be sure to click the dropdown list and choose the correct role
    • Verify your registration status.
      • If you are a Delegate and you appear on your Council's Election of Delegates Form, then your status should be a Delegate. Alternate Delegates should NOT register as a Delegate unless they will attend in place of a primary Delegate.
      • If you are not a Delegate, your Registration status will be determined by your Organizational Role
    • verify then click Next Step
  • 'Tell Us Who Is Coming' page
    • This is a virtual online convention no need to add Spouse or Guest 
    • Click Next Step
  • 'Choose Your Options' page
    • This is a virtual online convention so no options are offered
    • There is a $35 Registration Fee for all which must be paid in advance!
    • Click Next Step
  • 'Additional Options' page
    • This is a virtual online convention so no special assistance options are to be selected
    • Click Next Step
  • 'Table Reservations' page
    • This is a virtual online convention so no tables are offered
    • Click Finalize Registration
  • 'Finalize & Make Payment' page
    • Make payment takes you to PayPal
    • Pay with Credit Card - PayPal account is not required
    • Fill out all information with your email address
    • $35 registration fee. Everyone must pay this fee in advance or registration will be considered incomplete.
    • You will receive a receipt from PayPay via email to the email address you provided

To see the Status of Delegate Registrations and Payments , click the "Online Forms" button in your dashboard and go to the Convention Documents folder