Worthy Grand Knights and Brothers All,


Many of you have received cancelation notices today from the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Orlando, regarding our 2020 State Convention.  Sadly, due to the ongoing Coronavirus (COVED-19) keeping everyone's safety in mind and after consulting with the Supreme Council and other Jurisdictions throughout the Order, we made the decision to cancel the event at the hotel.  However, we will still have our "Annual Meeting" in accordance with our state by-laws.  The Annual Meeting will now be conducted with a limited number of staff in person and the balance of attendees, delegates and staff joining on-line through the internet and social media.  We will continue to use our state website / Convention Registration Portal for registering to attend the Annual Meeting.  Rather than a three-day event we will have a modified format, the awards program will be shortened, winners will be announced, however, the presentation will take place at a later date.


More information will be coming out very soon, we ask you all to be patient, we will keep you posted as soon as we have everything ready.  For now, know that there are many people working from their homes to try and put this all together.  We ask you all to continue to pray for our members, their families, the Order and our Church during this time of trial.  We also encourage you all to log on to the Supreme website at: where you can see the latest things that the Knights of Columbus is involved with.


Again, my thoughts and prayers are with all of you as we travel through these uncharted waters, I know that at some time in the future we will all be able to come back together as a group, until that time I pray you all remain safe and well.




Scott A. O'Connor 

State Deputy 

Florida State Council

Knights of Columbus

(305) 790-2041