2022 Incentives for Council




ALL Florida Councils can earn $250.00


Fantastic opportunity for Councils in Florida! The Florida State Council announces a new membership incentive program for 2022.



          Any Council that recruits 25 or more members (net) gets $250



          Councils with the highest net number of new members, that didn’t earn the Grand Prize, get rewarded as follows:

          1st Place—$200

          2nd Place—$100

          3rd Place—$50


SECOND STAGE EVENT (Open to Councils under 100 members):

          1st Place—$100

          2nd Place—$50




· Program Period: 12/1/2021 through 5/3/2022

· NCD/Reactivations additions do not qualify for this program

· Councils must add a minimum of 5 new members to qualify for any incentive

· Councils may only earn 1 (one) incentive under this program



Contacts: State Membership Co-Directors

  • Jorge Ibacache (ibacache@bellsouth.net)
  • Danny McIntyre (danmci@aol.com)